Studio Tinapa


Tinapa resort has huge potentials of becoming a major cash cow if transformed into Africa’s Largest Outdoor Studio. Nigeria’s Nollywood produces about 200 films every week; however one could state that it is more of a quantity over quality situation. Learning from China’s Hengdian World Studios which is currently the world’s largest outdoor studio, the viability of such a project is extremely high in comparison to Tinapa remaining as a business resort.

Problem: AMCON’s plan to revive the Tinapa Resort project has a HIGH possibility of failure.

Beneficiary: AMCON, Nollywood

Proposed by: Tomi Orunmuyi

Idea Status: Pitch



Firstly, let me state reasons why I think reviving the Tinapa Resort project will fail.

  1. Ease of access: The lack of Transport infrastructure such as high speed railway and good roads reduces chances of getting the desired patronage from Nigerians.
  2. Location: It is not exactly the best location for a business resort. It is far from the business hub of Nigeria, Lagos. In fact, it is even closer to Cameroon’s business hub, Douala.
  3. Competition: It would need to compete with other affordable options like Dubai. A typical Nigerian would rather spend a holiday or enrol in a business course in Dubai than Tinapa. Also, with Eko atlantic city and Lekki Free Trade zone around the corner, the Tinapa dream will be short lived.

In the case for a Film studio, a unique payoff is introduced into the equation and this changes things significantly. Sorry to say but the major advantage Tinapa Resort has going for it at the moment is sentimental attachment.



AMCON has revealed its plans to invest an additional N26 billion into the Tinapa Resort project. This amount of money will go a long way if invested into transforming Tinapa Resort into a Film Studio. AMCON will simply be taking advantage of the high number of film making activities in Nigeria. Not to forget the vibrant music industry that churns out music videos every single day. The market already exists within Nigeria; a studio will only consolidate all the different efforts driven by the private sector. There are no large film studios in this part of Africa, so you can be certain of getting patronage from clients in the neighbouring African countries. The investment can go toward the following areas:

  1. Tinapa Film School: A well equipped film school modeled after top film schools such as NY film school in the U.S. It is strongly recommended that experienced foreign hands are employed for training/courses related to technical aspects of filmmaking.
  2. Film equipment: Equipment for renting within the facilities such as cameras, lights, sound equipment (for both indie and huge filmmakers).
  3. Film sets: This aspect is very important and needs to comprise of attractive sets depicting replicas of structures like Aso rock (presidential villa), old Lagos Island streets (1970s, 1980s), ancient cities (Oyo empire, Benin wall, Queen Amina’s Zaria ), Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo Villages. The stores in the current Tinapa Resort can be converted to house sets for fancy apartments, executive offices, lounges, clubs, churches, mosques, kitchens, and so on; the list is endless!
  4. Props: Provision of high grade prop guns, costumes and cars.
  5. Other facilities such as Editing suites, green screens.

To get the word around, a moderate budget movie can be produced using the installed facilities. When subsequent movies become successes, one can expect to have more revenue from tours.


Full impact potential: This will create a new dimension to film making in Nigeria. With affordable prices, filmmakers will be able to access facilities that they would normally find difficult to access. This will create an array of job opportunities for Calabar residents as there will be a need for technical staff and film extras.


Funding: AMCON, and possibly a Public Private Partnership arrangement

Marketplace: Film, Television & Entertainment

Other interesting facts:

Ebony Life Television is situated in Tinapa studio.

[Images below were taken from Hollywood’s Universal studios]


Written by: Tomi Orunmuyi