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One would wonder why a TV network with so much infrastructure and geographical coverage would consistently produce very poor quality images and TV programmes. Over the years, there have been a series of broadcast studio design upgrades, management changes. However, it takes more than these actions to transform this once great establishment. We have seen new TV stations with lesser amounts of resources providing better quality of TV programming and images but NTA still remains at the back of the pack. As things stand, Nigeria’s national TV channel cannot be compared to its international counterparts like SABC, BBC.

Problem: Poor quality of TV productions by NTA

Beneficiary: NTA,

Proposed by: Tomi Orunmuyi

Idea Status: Pitch

 compnta vs Capturest


 With the new wave of technological advancements in TV broadcast systems, good quality camera systems are now affordable to a large extent. This is why TV stations such as Ebonylife TV and london live UK are able to produce high quality images with equipment that cost less than what larger media establishments like BBC would require. In my view, NTA needs to follow the path of these smaller TV stations that make do with cheaper TV equipment and over time build up to acquire higher costing TV broadcasting equipment.


Studio design: NTA’s current studio designs look like they don’t have enough space; it seems really small compared to the image below. An effective and commonly used design is the use of see-through glass with an office overview like the RT news picture above. This may require a remake of the office layout but it is totally worth it.


Lighting: This goes beyond pointing a set of lights at the presenter. LED DMX controlled studio lighting is quite affordable.

Studio Cameras: I personally think this is one of the major sources of NTA’s poor picture quality. HD broadcast cameras and lenses are very expensive, however, there are cheap solutions- if money is a problem. For instance, Blackmagic recently released cheap broadcast cameras (under $2,000)that can operate with Camera Control Unit, talk back systems, etc. The camera below shoot in 4k, ultraHD resolution!


Lenses under $5,000 will provide very good quality

Others accesories like a Cranes- even if it is a cheap one, dolly movements add to the quality of production

Ebonylife TV and London live tv are TV channels that use DSLRs alot. DSLRs are cheap and affordable and produce great quality.

1000-Nikon-D4-London-Live-MRMC-Robotics-5_1403888195a fully rigged up dslr with a robotic operator.

Sound: They obviously need a new sound solution, you can constantly hear a buzz during the live broadcasts. And the production of the reports are terrible. No standards, with different audio levels, of reports, etc. A $5,000 audio solution will solve that issue.

Graphics/ special effects:Below par for NTA, considering the fact that there are tons of graphic designer contractors in Nigeria. A channel like Soundcity always produce great graphics made by Nigerians in Nigeria. What is NTA’s problem then? are they plain stubborn or ignorant. NTA really needs to re-brand its colors.

Video mixer: This needs to be as good as the quality of camera footage going into the device. Blackmagic again has a 4K switcher. which will do wonders for under $8,000.


Others are Streaming solutions (Encoding), Broadcast Converters, cabling, power, networking equipment, rack mounts and casings, which are readily available and not too expensive.

With about $150,000 or 30 Million Naira, all the items above can be purchased providing production that will be comparable with SABC. However, this is largely dependent on the skills presented by the production team.
Staff upgrade is therefore essential. One or 2 experienced hands in various areas of speciality will be adequate with proper structures for knowledge transfer and training. Fortunately these professionals: cinematographers, video editors,  special FX desingers, are readily available in Nigeria. Alot of them work on music videos and advertisements within the TV production industry. Also, there are a lot of Nigerians abroad with vast experience in TV broadcasting.
For an all round solution, it would be needed to upgrade all other cameras used by on field reporters to DSLRs. I am almost certain that some NTA stations use cameras that use tape! DSLRs are not so expensive. and adequate training is also essential as it has come to be attention that some of the NTA camera men shoot using auto settings!
Please note that the TV transmitters are left out of this pitch.

Full impact potential: Better TV production quality, increased viewership

Funding: NTA

Marketplace: TV Production

Other interesting facts:

NTA and Startimes have a joint venture.


Capture1Chroma keying at its worst: courtesy of NTA

Written by: Tomi Orunmuyi