National Theater

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has resolved to deploy a PPP arrangement for the execution of National Theatre Master Plan. The Master Plan requires the Upgrade of National Theatre main bowl and the development of complementary facilities around the Complex. The objective of this development is to make the iconic edifice more attractive and economically viable. In delivering this aspiration, BGL was mandated to provide an end-to-end PPP procurement process for the selection of successful Concessionaires.

Problem: Poor functional state of the National Theatre


Proposed by: FEDERAL MINISTRY OF TOURISM, CULTURE & NATIONAL ORIENTATION: (Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation)

Idea Status: Implementation Stage



In addition to the planned upgrade of the National theatre building itself, the following facilities will be developed in the surrounding land mass.

  1. 600 Room Five Star Hotel;
  2. Office Buildings;
  3. Conference Centre
  4. Shopping, Commercial and Banking Facilities Northwest of the National theatre
  5. Recreational areas to the North, East and South East of the Theatre.

This will be achieved through a Public Private Partnership made possible by the ICRC Act 2005 and National Policy on Public Private Partnership.

The planned development will sit on about 134 hectares of land.

The Ministry of Tourism is required under Section 12 of the Act to supervise the project diligently. On the other hand the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission and the ministry are required to conduct regular joint Inspections of the Project until the end of the contract.

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Full impact potential: The end result will be Nigerian Entertainment City right in the centre of Lagos. This will create thousands of jobs and opportunities cutting across multiple sectors. The performing arts facilities in particular will rival top convention centres such as Eko Hotels and Muson centre who currently receive very high patronage.


Funding: Public-Private Partnership

So far, the following companies have been shortlisted for the possibility of being part of the Public Private Partnership.

CCECC Nigeria Limited
Calzada Limited
Chrismichaels Limited
Resilient Africa
Quippo Energy Nigeria Private Limited
RMB Westport
Neon Holdings Consortium

Marketplace: Tourism & Entertainment

Other interesting facts:

The National theatre is a copy of Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, Bulgaria. It is a multifunctional complex for congress, cultural and sporting events.

Varnanational theater

(left: Varna, right: National Theatre)

However, our National theatre is the bigger of the two.

Written by: Tomi Orunmuyi



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