Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a pitch?

Anyone can create a pitch on the Beta Nigeria site.


Would I be paid for posting an idea on Beta Nigeria?

The Beta Nigeria Team believes that there is no greater compensation that impacting your nation positively. There are no payments for ideas posted on Beta Nigeria except during promotions of such nature.


Would I be credited if my pitch in anyway effects change?

If your idea is used by the Nigerian Government or any other institution through the Beta Nigeria Platform, we can assure you that you will be credited appropriately.


Can I remove my post?

You cannot remove your posts from Beta Nigeria by yourself. You will need to send a written request to Beta Nigeria, stating your reason(s), after which we will put the removal of the post into consideration, and act accordingly.


How can I create a pitch on Beta Nigeria?

You can create a pitch by hovering over the ‘HOW TO PARTICIPATE’ tab on the menu bar. Fill in the appropriate information where required and submit or send an email of your pitch to info@betanigeria.com. The pitch would be reviewed by the Beta Nigeria Team to determine if it can be posted on the website.


Can I challenge ideas on Beta Nigeria?

Yes. You can do this by providing a counter idea on the same matter.


What are policies regarding my use of the Beta Nigeria website?

To better understand the rules that apply when using Beta Nigeria, visit our Terms and Privacy page


Can I post on Beta Nigeria if I do not reside in Nigeria or I am not a citizen of Nigeria?

Absolutely, we welcome anyone who sees the need to proffer possible solutions to problems in Nigeria, without prejudice to nationality, age or location.